Our Story

I am Enni, registered nurse and a mother of three little children. I started koota baby few years ago out of the greatest love for our little ones. We handmake unique, all natural nursery furniture and accessories with minimalistic design, free of chemical and toxins. Going way above the general standards.

I used to work in a hospitals and in patients’ homes during my education in Finland and the loveliest experience I have gathered from the children and newborn ward. When I became mother myself, I read about the benefits of wool and I decided to take to my daughter a wool mattress to improve her sleeping environment. She loved it at sight and her sleep became calmer. As I learned more about how the environment interferes with our wellbeing I decided to give my second child, right after birth, a bassinet made entirely and only of natural materials.

My father in law, a great ancestral engineer and technician, gave us the baby bed, he has made for my sister-in-law. I liked how easy it was to move around the house and how easy and simple to fold and store it. Not least, the textile bassinet of the bed was easily removable and washable. I brought together these features and the timeless lines with raw, high quality materials and the loved koota bassinet was created.

Then I had an idea - why not to make it available for others too, just like I give my care for the babies and families in the children and newborn ward. Helping parents to create safe and comfortable environment for their newborn babies.

Individually handcrafted directly from the maker to you

We love the personal touch our manufacturing process allows. All our products are indivially handcrafted with attention to detail.

High quality and beauty from the nature

We are passionate to work with sustainably sourced, truly natural, and pure materials.

Safe and healthy environment for our little ones

We create products that you and your baby will feel good about using.